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Hello, welcome to my official website.

Since the launch of my book, ForeWarned, I have been both a proud advocate as well as critic of the great British institution that is Defence.

As author, speaker, transformational consultant and analyst.

I hope this site will offer you a range of insights and resources - for those interested in UK Defence. 

My aims are to de-mystify defence, to re-connect citizens with the business of defence, and explain why defence is everyone's business.  And everyone's responsibility.

I am an advocate of a meritocracy - I believe that defence leadership needs to attract and retain thought-leaders into defence roles.  That diversity strengthens UK defence. That we need to adapt to recruit the skills we need for modern defence - and then let competition (not which public school was attended), be the selector! 


With Thanks

to media channels, my book, ForeWarned, has been one of the catalysts for defence cultural change. My story created an outpouring of voices, both veterans and serving, demanding change in how UK personnel are managed and represented. It highlighted the need for a #MilitaryMeToo moment, but also of far broader need for reform.  

Many women and men stepped forward and shared their stories. Including why many are leaving early, due to poor senior leadership and a cohort of 'privileged white men' at the top. 


My anonymised research report, shared with appropriate consents, is now feeding into the next steps: 

Sarah Atherton MP and the Defence Select Committee announced the inquiry in December 2020 and it was due to report in June 2021. We are currently investigating why this deadline has been missed.


ForeWarned, launched in May 2020

Sarah Atherton MP announces the Defence Select Committee inquiry.

My military journey was told in Forewarned, my first book (a story of joy, loss, grieving, fighting, winning and losing within the military). It talked of military injustice and pockets of toxic bigotry, still happening today. And it touched a nerve. By publishing my story, I found I was just one of many voices asking to be heard.


The defence chiefs did respond - to say that they accepted the need for change and called it a 'NO MISSION FAIL' requirement to modernise.  But so far, there has only been words - each piece of evidence. Each recommendation and report that highlights the path to reform has been cynically watered down. And instead of action, the MoD recommends more reviews of those reviews - kicking change into the future. So, I found myself reaching out as the voice of those who spoke up - and with their permissions, submitted a report of the findings, to the House of Commons Defence Select committee. There have been inquiries now on women in defence, accommodation problems, procurement shortfalls and others.


 Cock Ups ?  Conspiracies ?  Inappropriate Behaviours?


The one I have worked with most closely is Women in Defence. The #MilitaryMeToo is about all who serve or work in the MOD. It has uncovered stories of the bigotry many face daily - and the unwillingness of too many of our service leadership to face up to the toxic pockets of bad behaviours. Many good people are trying to support a fairer approach, but are constrained by the damage to their careers by speaking up.  This needs to change.

Defence needs safe spaces to speak out, without damaging operational security or careers. 

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About the Author

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Educated at Pates Grammar School in Cheltenham and then the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst and various post-graduate institutions, Diane Allen is a former officer in the British Army, serving in communications and intelligence.

Given the choice to stand up against poor behaviour or toe the military line, she stood up. Only to find herself (as many had warned), suddenly frozen out of future promotions. She resigned in January 2020.


She continues to work in wider defence and industry, now as a contractor.


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