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The 2023 HCDSC review on Women in Defence progress finds further damning evidence

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

December 2023. HCDSC heard that civil servants had now added their voice to the complaint of sexual harassment from uniformed armed forces staff. And the stories still being submitted to the HCDSC are still shameful. The Complaints system still is failing, the Victim support unit remains nascent and too many victims say the chain of command is heavily involved still in coercing them to keep quiet. Read the published stories here.

3rd October 2022 - we had the first call for evidence on progress in the Women in Defence inquiry. There appeared to be little change, with additional whistleblower evidence added that women were being gaslighted by military medical staff and welfare teams - and branded as 'personality disordered' rather than traumatised by sexual assaults. The progress was so poor, a further review was arranged for 2023.

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