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I am still unable to report that the system is efficient, effective and fair'.  'Delay remains a substantial issue.'  'Lack of confidence in the system continues a key issue.'   '(there is a) Substantial backlog of unallocated cases.'  'The largest two areas of complaint are career management and discrmimination.'

Service Ombudsman, latest review of the Army Redress System, 2022.

The (Wigston) review says that the 'new generation' of armed forces personnel are led by a "pack mentality of white, middle-aged men, especially in positions of influence whose behaviours are shaped by the armed forces of 20 years ago."

Ashleigh Webber, writing in Personnel Today, 16 Jul 2019, on the highlights from the MOD independent review of sexual harassment in the military. 

The MOD promises changes (after  release of the Wigston report into harassment in army). It says it will overhaul its complaints system and investigate, where appropriate, outside the chain of command. It announces a new, independent Defence Authority. (author comment - still to happen, as at May 2020)

Kevin Rawlinson, writing in The Guardian, 16th July 2019

The Government orders a review of the armed forces' retention problem after 7,500 personnel (5.6%) quit the military, in 2017 alone.  

Former Defence Minister, Mark Francois commissioned to lead the report, 5th February 2019

MOD promises change (after the July 2019 File on 4 episode reported shortcomings in how the military handles complaints for female service personnel reporting sexual harassment, assault and rape and raised questions on whether the internal investigation process is fit for purpose). Author comment - nope, still not happened yet.

Hidden Figures: The True Scale of Military Sexual Allegations

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