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Project 2021 

(Capturing the stories of the women who have served)

A #MilitaryMeToo Report

Since the launch of the book on Sky News (covering my experiences of serving as a woman in the British Army), I have been overwhelmed by the support - in the UK and internationally:


From military leaders, agreeing change is overdue and asking for support to do the 'right thing' (without having to sacrifice their careers).

From 'trolls', who told me crudely, rudely and vehemently that they don't believe there is a place for women in the armed forces  (I know some of you are still serving - I think it is past time for you to either leave the military or your attitudes behind) 

But mostly from women and a few men, from the Royal Navy, RAF, the Army and the civil service, who had experienced the highs and lows of serving with the British Armed Forces and wanted to share their stories.


This included highs - tales of great opportunities and 'first into post' successes.

And lows- tales of rape, sexual assault, often brushed under the carpet and careers stifled by endemic sexist attitudes.  Life, as a minority in the military is a rollercoaster - it was clear to me there was a story to be told.

I am now part of telling that story...

Phase 1

The Defence Select Committee Inquiry into  the experiences of many women and some men, in the Armed Forces

On 11th October, the MP Sarah Atherton announced an inquiry. An opportunity for all military and veteran women and for women working for the MoD to share their experiences. This Inquiry is now live - from 1st December.

Phase 2

On completion of the inquiry, I would like to collate all the stories and themes into a book, for the military archives - a history of the #Military MeToo moment of the British Armed Forces.

To write that will require a sponsor. If there is anyone interested in funding this historic tale, please drop me a note. No stories will be included, without individual consent.