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Project 2021
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Project 2023 
(Capturing the stories of the women who have served)

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A #MilitaryMeToo Report

Since the launch of the book on Sky News (covering my experiences of serving as a woman in the British Army), I have been overwhelmed by the support - in the UK and internationally:



I am now part of telling that story...

The Defence Select Committee Inquiry into  the experiences of many women and some men, in the Armed Forces is  under review in December 2023.

This follows on from MP Sarah Atherton conducting an inquiry, in 2021. Over 4000 women shared their experiences and continue to do so annually. The  Inquiry reported in July 2021, with progress reviews in Nov 22 and Dec 2023. The MoD continues to delay responding to the recommendations,  successfully blocking necessary changes to legislation. The MoD short term 'success' has led to plunging recruitment and retention numbers in the armed forces.

With the inquiry still trying to work with MoD to enact change, I am now seeking further collaborations with other authors  and academia, To find a way to retain the research for future generations -  I look forward to updating readers on progress - if you would like to know more, drop me a line.

We are actively pursuing sponsors at the moment and have some interest - it is too early to share details, but watch this space. No stories will be included, without individual consent.

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