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The latest MoD Ombudsman report - 'system still deeply unfair' and now under-funded and delayed too.

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

The challenge for the military is the inability to speak out during service. The service system discourages complaint and in many cases, damages the careers of those who do - or those who risk its processes by standing up for fair play. The military ombudsman changed the system in 2015 as it was deemed unacceptable. Having just re-familiarised myself with her damning 2018 report of the 'new and improved system,' she writes:

"I am unable to report that the system is efficient, effective and fair'

'Delay remains a substantial issue.' (in 61% of investigations)

'Lack of confidence in the system is a key issue.'

And the 2 largest areas of complaint?

Career management (33%)

Bullying, harassment & discrimination (25%)

Despite the various MoD seniors informing me that I am an isolated case, I doubt it...and so does their own Ombudsman.

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