• Di Allen

The latest MoD Ombudsman report - 'system still deeply unfair' and now under-funded and delayed too.

Updated: Jul 7

The challenge for the military is the inability to speak out during service. The service system discourages complaint and in many cases, damages the careers of those who do - or those who risk its processes by standing up for fair play. The military ombudsman changed the system in 2015 as it was deemed unacceptable. Having just re-familiarised myself with her damning 2018 report of the 'new and improved system,' she writes:

"I am unable to report that the system is efficient, effective and fair'

'Delay remains a substantial issue.' (in 61% of investigations)

'Lack of confidence in the system is a key issue.'

And the 2 largest areas of complaint?

Career management (33%)

Bullying, harassment & discrimination (25%)

Despite the various MoD seniors informing me that I am an isolated case, I doubt it...and so does their own Ombudsman.


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